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Why is Mornington School right for my family?

Mornington School is a learning community where together we live and learn. It has a caring, supportive atmosphere based upon a strong values system that underpins everything we do.

How do I arrange a visit? 

By telephoning the school on 453 6794 we can arrange for you and your child to visit Mornington School to see the classrooms and meet the teachers.

How do I enrol our child?

If you have not already been in to visit the school, visit our office where you can meet Mrs Joy Larson our administration officer. Then meet our Principal, Mr Brent Caldwell, who will talk to you and take you on a school tour.  You will get to meet our Deputy Principal Mr Ross Tucker and Mrs Sarah McKeich, our two specialist New Entrant teachers.  You will be able to see classes in action and meet the rest of our teaching team.

When you enrol you will be asked to complete an information form with details of your child, a contact address and phone number, emergency contacts etc.  You are required by law to present a copy of your child’s birth certificate or passport.  You are asked to complete a Ministry of Education form about your child’s early childhood attendance and to provide a copy of your child’s immunisation records from their Tamariki Ora /Well Being Book.

We will give you and your child a school information book and any other relevant forms.

How do I keep in touch with Mornington School?

Please feel welcome to phone or visit the school.  Preschoolers are also welcome.  We can arrange interviews at any time with the teachers.

School newsletters are emailed home fortnightly. Click here to subscribe. Class and Team newsletters are sent home regularly, keeping you in touch with upcoming visits, activities and events.

Facebook:  For those of you happy to connect via social media our Facebook Page is   http://www.facebook.com/MorningtonSchool

Twitter:  Do you like to Tweet? Follow us at @MorningtonSch.

Text Alerts: We also have an SMS text alert system for announcements, cancellations, closures or late starts. Just text “Follow @MorningtonSch” to 8987. (NB: Note the space before the @ symbol)

Open Nights: Periodically teachers will invite you to discussion evenings where Reading, Language and Maths programmes are outlined.  This is also a great opportunity to get to know the teachers and other Mornington parents.

Do you have a pre VIP-school entry programme?

Yes.  “Mornington V.I.Ps” (Very Important Pre-schoolers) is our pre-school entry programme.  Sessions are held from 1.30pm-2.45pm on every Wednesday for children aged 4½ years and up.   A parent is required to stay for the duration of the session.  Every VIP receives a free Mornington V.I.P tee shirt.

If I choose Mornington School, do you have a place for my child?

Mornington School has an enrolment zone and from year to year spaces may be limited. Check with the Office for all zone and enrolment procedures.  To view the Zone Map click here.

If you are new to our school, or are enrolling a New Entrant we like to know in advance where they are attending pre-school and when they will be turning five.  This will enable us to put in place a transition to school programme. This involves your child having at least two formal school visits at school in our New Entrant class prior to their turning five.

If you are transferring from another school a few days notice will enable us to adequately prepare a place and arrange for a smooth transition.

What is special about Mornington School?

We are a team of learners and thinkers. Mornington School has been teaching and preparing learners for life since 1865.  Our current school has a strong family-oriented environment that provides a quality education in a friendly, personal environment.  We care about you and your child.

What will my child learn in the first year?

For New Entrants our goal is to firmly establish the key skills required for literacy and numeracy success, and to build upon the work you as parents and your child’s pre-school centre have begun.  We know all children are different and as such we structure our New Entrant programme to cater to each individual child’s needs.  Sound / letter knowledge, essential words, concepts about print, emergent reading and writing, as well as a comprehensive numeracy programme form the basis of our reception class programme.

How will I know what my child has learned?

If you are well informed about your child’s programme and progress you will be able to effectively support your child at home.  You are able to have access to all records of achievement for your child by arrangement.  Our teachers will sit and answer your questions and explain trends and patterns in your child’s performance.  Areas of need and strength will be made clear to you.  In cases of identified special needs we will act as a co-coordinator for the provision of specialist intervention by Resource Teachers of Learning and Behaviour (RTLB) or Special Education (SE).

All parents receive two plain-language written reports on their child’s progress and achievement each year. Classroom information evenings and face-to-face parent-teacher interviews also provide you with opportunities to share information and ask questions related to your child’s progress.

When will I be given information about my child’s progress?

As noted above Mornington School reports the progress and achievement of all students in a variety of ways.  This may be in the form of informal chats with teachers on a daily basis, assessment portfolios, formal twice-yearly parent-teacher interviews and written reports.

Term 1: Interviews & goal setting

Term 2: Reports & Interviews

Term 4: End of Year Reports

We also report publicly through curriculum reviews and student achievement reports to the Board of Trustees. Copies of all reports are available following the Board meeting at which they are tabled.  Our fortnightly newsletter and e-newsletter summarise the general points.

Will I be able to come to school to help or be with my child in the classroom?

Mornington School thrives upon great community support.  We welcome parents and caregivers to our school to work alongside our children under the direct supervision of our staff.  Many parents enjoy supporting our literacy, numeracy and perceptual motor programme (PMP).  The more common opportunities for parents to support are on school trips, camps and excursions. We welcome your support and interest.

What fees or donations does the school ask for?

Stationery packs are sold at the School Office and contain all the equipment and books your child will need.  Parents are responsible for the purchase of their child’s stationery pack. A donation of $70 per child assists the School’s operations.  Each additional child’s donation is $35.  An annual Activity Cost of $65 per child covers all cultural visits and trips and excursions.  In addition, parents cover the cost of swimming instruction and all camps. We have payment options to suit all budgets including APs and Internet Banking.  We have EFTPOS.

May I have a copy of the School’s Annual Charter & the Curriculum Plan?

Yes.  Copies of the School’s Charter and Curriculum Plan will be made available upon request.  Public viewing copies are available from the Office.  A copy of the School’s Charter can be downloaded from the Mornington School Cloud resource website, Nimbus.

May I read the School’s last ERO report?

Of course.  The confirmed report for our last ERO visit (2013) is available from the Education Review Office, 9th Floor, John Wickliffe House, or by telephoning 03 479-2619 and requesting that it be posted out.   All ERO reports for Dunedin schools can be viewed online at www.ero.govt.nz.   We are happy to talk to you about our most recent report.

Tell me about the School day.  What time does School begin?  

  • Children are welcome and supervised from 8.30am.
  • Lessons commence at 9am.
  • Playtime is from 11.00am-11.20am.
  • Lunchtime is from 12.30pm-1.30pm.
  • Afternoon classes are from 1.30-3pm.
  • All breaks are fully supervised with rostered teachers on duty.
  • Children go straight home after school at 3pm.

Due to the hills and the high volume of traffic Mornington School children do not bike to school.  Care should be taken in allowing children to walk to school on their own.  Where possible please drop your child directly or arrange for them to walk with an older sibling or neighbourhood buddy.

What are the arrangements for the beginning of the day and for the collection of children after school?

Children are expected to arrive and be prepared for their lessons before 9am.  Each teacher will have a routine for getting ready for the school day.  This will generally involve the unpacking and returning of reading books and/or home learning.  Some teachers have activities available for children to do before the bell at 9am but in general children are free to play in the playground until lessons commence.

At the end of the day all children are expected to go straight home before returning to the school playground to play, unless supervised by a parent or caregiver.

How are playtimes organised?

Playtime is from 11.00-11.20am. Children are permitted to play in the school grounds and adventure playgrounds. At break times children can use balls and sports gear borrowed from the Hall.   If it is raining children play quiet inside games in their classrooms supported by senior students under teacher supervision.  The library is open every day at lunchtime.

What are the arrangements for eating lunch?

On fine days all children sit outside and eat their lunch communally with their friends in our special terraced seating before being allowed to go and play. On wet or very cold days all children eat inside.

Where are the toilets?

Toilets are centrally located in each classroom block.

Do children have to ask to use the toilets during lunchtime?

No.  Children may use the toilet at anytime during play and lunchtimes.

What are the arrangements if my child gets sick at school or has to stay home because of illness?

If your child falls ill at school we will contact you or your nominated caregiver and ask that you come and collect them.  In the case of a serious accident you will be informed immediately and briefed about our first-aid care and action plan.

If your child is going to be absent from school we ask that you phone the School Office before 8.45am each day to let us know.  If leaving a message on our 24-hour answer phone please clearly state your child’s name, class and the reason for their absence.  Unexplained absences will be followed up by a phone call following the roll call at 9.00am.  Your co-operation in this matter will ensure the safety of all our children.

Does Mornington School have a Behaviour Code?

Yes.  Mornington School has a code of conduct.  Children and staff all know their rights and responsibilities.  These rights and responsibilities ensure we all make the right choices.

Does Mornington School have a values programme?

Mornington School encourages, models and explores the values of the New Zealand National Curriculum. The School has consulted its community and has focused on two key values: Respect (Whakaute), Responsibility (Kawenga). By sharing our expectations with our students and their families we help our children to be good citizens now and in the future.

Does Mornington School have a positive playground?

Yes. Mornington School’s playground is a safe and happy place. Our staff assist children to deal with playground problems by getting each party to talk about their issues.  In most cases problems can be dealt with quite quickly.  Duty teachers and children work together to maintain a safe physical and emotional environment.

Can my child access dental care?

Yes. Children are seen by the dental therapists located at the mobile dental clinic parked onsite at Wakari Hospital on a regular basis. To contact the Dental Nurses please phone: 027 216 7976.

Do you have Before and After School Programme?

Yes. Early Birds runs each morning in the library from 7.45am-8.30am.  Each session costs $2.

Kidszone On Mornington is the after school care programme that is privately operated in our school hall in term time. It is WINZ approved for OSCAR subsidies It runs from Monday–Friday, 3.00–6.00pm. Brochures and details are available from the Office or contact Karen on 03 481 1567 or 021 100 3644 or by email at  kidszoneonmornington@hotmail.co.nz

Will my child have formal school visits?

Yes.  Prior to starting school your child will have two formal school visits. These will be of up to two hours in duration from 9am.  The aim of these visits is to get your child ready for the morning routine.

Where can I buy the official school uniform?  

The Mornington School official school uniform can be purchased from the Warehouse in McClaggan St, in the central city.  All children are to wear the official monogrammed garments.

Can I find out more about Mornington School?

Of course. If you have any further questions you would like to ask please contact us.