Meet our team of dedicated teachers.  Our teachers know their students and tailor programmes to fit the needs of each child.  Our team designs programmes of support for all children who require extra assistance and extension programmes and passion projects to extend more able students.

Staff 2019

Leadership Team
Principal:                        Mr Brent Caldwell
Deputy Principal:          Mr Ross Tucker
Assistant Principal:       Mrs Katrina Jenkins (Acting)
Middle Team Leader    Ms Liz Riggir (Acting)

Junior Teaching Team
Rm 12           Mr Ross Tucker & Mrs Sally Dobson    New Entrants
Rm 11           Mrs Sarah McKeich                                 New Entrants
Rm 10           Mrs Jill Gray                                              Yr 1
Rm 9             Mrs Kelly Bliss                                          Yr 1
Rm 8             Mrs Michelle Kemp                                 Yr 1-2
Rm 7             Mrs Rachel Sutherland                           Yr 2

Middle Teaching Team
Rm 4             Mr Darren Pepperell              Yr 3-4
Rm 5             Ms Liz Riggir                            Yr 3-4
Rm 6             Miss Lucy McGrannachan     Yr 2-3

Senior Teaching Team
Rm 1              Mrs Katrina Jenkins              Yr 5-6
Rm 2              Mrs Kathryn McCrae            Yr 5-6
Rm 3              Ms Jenny Albrecht                Yr 5-6
Rm 14            Miss Bonnie Waters             Yr 4-5

Specialist Teachers
Mrs Margaret van Betuw    Reading Recovery / Special Needs Teacher
Mrs Emma Dettling              Literacy Numeracy Support Teacher
Mrs Emma Murdoch            Art Specialist
Mrs Hannah Scott                Music Specialist

Administration Officer
Ms Elly Lang

Support Staff
Mrs Rosie Adams                English Language Learners
Mrs Janene Aldred              Perceptual Motor Programme / Clerical
Mrs Darryl MacDonnell      Student Support
Mrs Haylee Ford                  Student Support / Library
Mr Karl Leisky                      Student Support
Miss Brigid Corson             Student Support

Early Birds Before School Care
Mrs Lee Bowler                   Supervisor
Mr Peter Crosson               Care Worker
Mr Michael Crosson          Care Worker

Mr Chris Womphrey